Brits given window box tips

Window Box Tips - lets-do-diy.comGardening enthusiasts wishing to add a splash of colour to their home through the installation of window boxes have been given some DIY advice.

In an article for the Evening Gazette, Karen McLauchlan suggests that those keen on such a form of home improvement should look to drill holes into the bottom of such boxes - if they are not already in place - to help with drainage when watering plants and flowers placed in such containers.

Ms McLauchlan also advises gardening fans that those wishing to protect their windows should place window boxes on feet, to allow water to drain away without damaging the rest of their property.

Furthermore, she recommends those considering such a DIY project - and in particular those looking to fit a box any higher than the ground floor - place trays underneath boxes to prevent water from pouring everywhere when plans are watered.

Speaking in March, garden designer Jill Fenwick claimed that taking the time to carry out home improvements in green spaces can help to boost the value of a property.

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