Brits 'keen on eco home improvements'

Eco Friendly - lets-do-diy.comPeople are increasingly in favour of home improvements which are environmentally friendly in nature, new research shows.

In news that could interest those keen on carrying out eco DIY projects, a study published by Iposo MORI indicated that Brits hold concerns about climate change and energy affordability.

Furthermore, many were shown to be in favour of the concept of a 'Great British Refurb' - a government-led policy that will see a drive in energy efficiency and whole-house eco-makeovers.

Ed Miliband, energy and climate change secretary, states: "People are enthusiastic and positive about the need for better energy efficiency in our homes and communities."

He adds that there was a "strong desire" from consumers across the country for the government to take action in improving the energy efficiency of a property.

Doing so could be particularly advisable as research from Consumer Focus revealed that around two-thirds of Britons have recently received a utility bill more expensive than they had previously anticipated, with those less well-off communities particularly likely to get such a demand for payment.

Writing in the Independent last month, Ben Naylor pointed out that those looking to reduce the build-up of heat in enclosed spaces - such as sheds and conservatories - may wish to consider fitting a solar vent.

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