Brits 'should take steps to protect the home'

Protect The Home - lets-do-diy.comThere are a number of steps people can take to boost the overall security of their property.

In comments that could interest DIY enthusiasts, Halifax Home Insurance advises consumers to ensure robust, secure locks are fitted to all of their windows and doors, while those located on the ground floor should be a particular priority.

Furthermore, the installation of security lighting can alert homeowners that people are on their property, while a gravel-lid driveway could act an indicator that someone is approaching.

Martyn Foulds, senior claims manager for Halifax Home Insurance, claims: "Wherever the surroundings, people need to be aware of the steps they can take to protect themselves in and about their home."

Such comments come as research by the firm reveals that 37 per cent of people living in urban areas have considered moving home due to crime in their area.

Earlier this month, former burglar Michael Fraser told the Independent that as the economic downturn is likely to drive rates of property thefts, Brits should take steps to boost the safety of their property.

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