Brits urged to improve security of rural homes

Improve Security Of Rural Homes - lets-do-diy.comThose living in rural parts of the country may wish to carry out home improvements in a bid to bolster the security of their home.

Research carried out by NFU Mutual shows there has been a 14.7 per cent rise in thefts for properties located in the UK countryside in comparison to this time last year, with 19 of 43 police forces questioned seeing a rise in robbery rates.

As such, the firm suggests that people take steps to improve their home's safety features, in news that could be of interest to DIY enthusiasts.

Tim Price, spokesperson for NFU Mutual, claims: "If opportunist thieves see gates, floodlights and possible CCTV cameras, there's a good chance they will keep going in search of easier pickings elsewhere."

Furthermore, the firm suggests the planting of shrubs and fences in a bid to hide exposed domestic heating oil tanks from would-be thieves, while good quality locks should be fitted on windows and doors.

Earlier this week, Sally Coulthard wrote in the Times that adding a shed can be an effective means of boosting the value of a home.

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