Can Crown paint cure boring Britain?

Crown Purple Paint - lets-do-diy.comAccording to a new survey by Crown Paint, we Brits count ourselves as a boring bunch who lack a bit of imagination, especially when it comes to decorating our homes.

The poll of over 1,000 UK home owners found that 90% of Brits feel that they lack imagination in general, and that 40% of people believe that the interior of their homes is dull and generic. In fact, only 2% of the nation rates the styling of their homes as very imaginative.

The survey also shows that we rely heavily on outside influences to help us style and decorate our homes and that inspirations and experiences like films and TV, travel, fashion and architecture, are important when we are deciding how to revamp our rooms.

Films and TV are the most influential, with almost half of the UK feeling the urge to redecorate after seeing a stunning room set on screen. However, it's more likely that we're desperate to copy the homes of the housewives on Wisteria Lane than to emulate the drab sets of Eastenders!

According to Crown's survey, one third of British people take their cues from the interior stylings of their foreign counterparts. The most popular area of inspiration is the Mediterranean, with 40% of home owners adopting characteristically Mediterranean features like textured walls, sandy colour schemes, glass, iron and terracotta fittings. Following hot on its heels are: the minimalist aesthetic of Scandinavia, the rustic chic of rural France and the glamour of North America.

Art proves the most popular inspiration for young home owners. Those in their 20's consider themselves both original and inventive, whereas the 45+ age group consider themselves, and their homes, to be mundane. Perhaps urban guerrilla artists like Banksy are firing the imaginations of hip young things but are leaving the older generations out in the cold?

The nation is also divided geographically in terms of imagination and inspiration. According to Crown, cosmopolitan Londoners consider themselves the most cool and creative in the UK, whereas homeowners in Northern Ireland and the Midlands class themselves as duller and more conventional.

With this in mind, Crown are calling on all Brits to get creative and to imagine the full potential of their homes. To get your creative juices flowing, why not visit Crown's website where you can order pure paint samples or a 2009 colour card, try out colour in a 3D room, find out about the Crown Trends Predictions for 2009 or get inspired by an award winning stencil designed by a student at the RCA.

Alternatively, give the Paint Talk line a call on 08702401127. They'll be happy to answer your queries and will direct you to your nearest Crown stockist.

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