Care needed while carrying out ceiling DIY project

Lady With Ladder - lets-do-diy.comDIY enthusiasts have been urged to ensure they are careful when removing polystyrene tiles from ceilings.

In news that could interest those looking to tackle such a DIY project, an Evening Gazette article points out that while using a stripping knife to take down such tiles, people need to be cautious they do not cut themselves.

Furthermore, homeowners may find that although using a hot air gun helps them to remove the adhesive which was originally used to put the tiles in place, safety is paramount with such a device.

"Be very careful when using the hot air gun, as, again, you don't want to damage the ceiling - or yourself," the publication claims.

Consequently, DIY lovers are advised to wear protective gloves, glasses and a dust mask, while something like a shower cap can help to safeguard hair from falling tiles and adhesive.

Such news comes as London-based Epsom and St Helier Hospitals reveal they are preparing themselves for an increase in those attending their accident and emergency departments over the coming days, particularly due to people having a DIY disaster over the Easter weekend.

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