Consumers 'looking to save money on DIY projects'

Looking To Save Money - lets-do-diy.comAlthough the economic crisis continues, the majority of people do not plan on cutting back their spending on DIY projects, a new Legal & General study shows.

Indeed, research by the financial services provider reveals that just 28 per cent of Britons are looking to scale back expenditure on home improvements.

Such a proportion is significantly below the 30 per cent of consumers who are choosing not to go on a holiday abroad, 42 per cent who are not eating out as often and 54 per cent deciding to reign in their spending on the high street.

"It is clear by the number of people looking to save money across all aspects of their home life that the majority of us are feeling the pinch," Garry Skelton, marketing director for Legal & General's general insurance business, claims.

For those who are looking to do DIY, however, checking the level of protection their home insurance plan offers could be advisable as 28 per cent of people are looking for cheaper cover.

Meanwhile, Grand Designs Magazine editor Claire Barrett recently stated people are increasingly looking to invest what money they do have in home improvements rather that moving as the current economic crisis rumbles on.

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