DIY 'could help reduce burglar risk'

Getting To Grips With DIY - lets-do-diy.comGetting to grips with DIY is an advisable step for those wishing to lessen the chances of being targeted by thieves.

Such is the assertion of Michael Fraser, a former burglar, who tells the Independent that the financial downturn is likely to drive rates of property thefts.

"An opportunist will always walk along a street looking for telltale signs that you're careless," Mr Fraser reminds consumers, in news that could interest DIY enthusiasts.

Consequently, he states that people should ensure they have at least two locks fitted on their front door, while window locks should also be installed.

The installation of a burglar alarm can also be an effective way for keen home improvers to boost the security of their property.

Carrying out such DIY work could be advisable after recent NFU Mutual figures revealed a 14.7 per cent increase in thefts for properties in rural areas compared to 12 months ago.

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