DIY fans 'need to be careful'

Be Careful When You DIY - lets-do-diy.comPeople wishing to tackle DIY projects over the spring and summer months are advised to be careful when doing so.

John Mowatt, community fire safety officer for Tayside Fire and Rescue, tells the Arbroath Herald that this time of year often sees a rise in the number of call-outs it receives following a home improvement mishap.

Consequently, those looking to get to grips with DIY during the coming weeks are urged to keep safe by ensuring that all instructions on tools are not only read in full but are strictly adhered to.

The fire safety officer adds "DIY is a pleasant pastime from which many people gain a great deal of pleasure".

In addition, electrical extension cables should be fully uncoiled, while home improvement enthusiasts using adhesives and flammable liquids should ensure their homes are ventilated sufficiently.

Earlier this month, the London Fire Brigade urged people looking to carry out home maintenance tasks to ensure they use the correct tools for the job.

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