DIY 'more popular in current economic climate'

Homeowners are increasingly taking a DIY attitude, a home improvement expert claims.

DIY More Popular - lets-do-diy.comJason Orme, editor of Homebuilding & Renovating magazine, points out that although there was once a "consumable 'chuck away' kind of society", the current economic climate has driven people to focus more on attempting DIY and repairing things themselves.

He adds that instead of paying a professional to do work in their home for them people "are happy to have a go themselves and do just as good a job".

Mr Orme goes on to claim that Britons are looking more towards home improvements - rather than moving - to expand the amount of space they have in their property, stating it is a "really easy" way of boosting the value of a home.

DIY enthusiasts may also be interested to hear his assertions that any renovations to a home which can make it "stand out from the crowd" may have a better chance of attracting buyers in the current market.

His comments follow claims made by Grand Designs editor Claire Barrett who stated that people are willing to invest a significant sum of money in improving their property, although they are looking to get some form of return on their investment.

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