DIY power generation 'on the up'

Solar Panels - lets-do-diy.comMicrogeneration is becoming more common in UK properties, but people planning to install the green measures have been advised to think carefully about which systems are the most appropriate.

Rising energy prices and environmental considerations have persuaded some people to look at alternative methods of power generation.

Technologies such as domestic wind turbines, solar panels and ground source heat pumps are now widely available for those who want to go green.

However, Paul Ruyssevelt of carbon and climate-change consultancy Camco told the Financial Times they are not always the most suitable measures for DIYers to take.

Instead he suggested that people think about how well insulated their homes are.

"With microgeneration technologies, the lifetime of a product can be as little as ten years. If you install insulation, the lifetime can be 50 years or more," Mr Ruyssevelt said.

He added that solar water heating technology is improving, while solar photovoltaics are reliable and coming down in price.

The Energy Saving Trust estimates that a DIY installation of loft insulation will cost around £300 and pay for itself in less than two years.

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