Doctor uses claw hammer on patient

Fixing trellis to the raised decking at his home in Shawnee, Kansas, George Chandler suffered an accident that resulted in a most unusual medical procedure.  

Mr Chandler was at the foot of a ladder with his friend Phil Kern on the ladder above him. It appears the cable of the nail gun Mr Kern was using became snagged and while tugging it free, he accidentally fired the nail gun. Initially neither man realised anything was wrong until Mr Kern noticed the 2 ½ in nail embedded in 60-year old Mr Chandler's skull.

Despite the horrific nature of the injury, Mr Chandler says he felt very little pain. But it was apparent emergency medical attention was needed and Mr Kern rushed his friend to the local hospital.

Following an examination of Mr Chandler's head, the doctor first tried to remove the nail with a pair of pliers, only to find he needed something a little bigger. To the patient's astonishment, the doctor then proceeded to prise out the nail with a claw hammer borrowed from a hospital maintenance worker.

The unorthodox treatment was a complete success and Mr Chandler returned home with just a few stitches in the wound.

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