Eco-friendly home improvement scheme commended

Eco-Friendly DIY - lets-do-diy.comA new scheme aimed at encouraging number of eco-friendly home improvements should prove to be effective, it has been claimed.

Andrew Moore, managing director of British Eco Energy, states that with many Britons interested in boosting the sustainability of their home, news of a government initiative to fund green installations should be popular.

Under the project, consumers would receive financial assistance to finance such home improvements while those who generate their own electricity will be paid for their efforts.

He adds that such a scheme comes as the ongoing credit crunch means people's capacity to invest in renewable energy has come under pressure.

However, by taking steps to make such home improvements, homeowners could see their electricity and gas costs fall in the long run.

Getting to grips with eco DIY could be particularly advisable as recent Halifax research showed carrying out energy saving improvements adds an average of £4,327 on to the value of a home.

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