Eco improvements 'effective return on investment'

Eco Improvements Good Investment - lets-do-diy.comCarrying out eco-friendly home improvements need to not be an arduous task.

Such is the assertion of Dick Strawbridge, BBC TV presenter, who writing in a Guardian article claims that there are numerous types of loft insulation which are easy to handle.

He claims that although installing fibreglass or rockwool insulation "is not the most pleasant job in the world", insulation can be produced from a variety of materials including recycled plastic bottles and hemp.

In carrying out such a DIY project, Mr Strawbridge states a return on investment can be generated within a two-year period, while expenditure on solar photovoltaic panels can recouped in seven to eight years.

And although he claims that some consumers may have concerns about the outlay involved, eco home improvements can ultimately prove to be of benefit when it comes to selling a property.

He questions: "In the current economic climate, how much more saleable is a house that will cost the new owners very little to run or may even generate an income?"

Meanwhile, a recent study by the Energy Saving Trust revealed that in carrying out environmentally friendly DIY projects, the country's annual carbon footprint could be reduced by 1.2 million tonnes, saving homeowners £220 million in the process.

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