Energy-efficient homes 'are a massive issue'

Energy Efficient Homes - lets-do-diy.comBritons are increasingly seeking homes which have environmentally friendly features, it has been stated.

In comments that could interest those looking to carry out eco DIY projects on their property ahead of putting it up for sale, Steve Oxley, deputy editor at sustain', claims that sustainability can play a vital role in how a development is sold, as buyers are "really clued-up" on green matters.

Mr Oxley claims that one of the major issues for people is their use of energy and "if they can cut down on energy usage by installing renewables or reducing their carbon footprint, then ultimately it saves them money".

Continuing, he goes on to point out that sustainable property has become "a massive issue" over recent months.

As such, now could be a particularly good time to tackle an eco-friendly DIY project, such as draughtproofing or laying down loft insulation.

Indeed, recent research by and Opinion Matters on the behalf of npower revealed that some 91 per cent of people are expecting household energy costs to increase in three years time.

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