Esure 'calls for people to avoid Easter DIY disaster'

Avoid Easter DIY Disaster - lets-do-diy.comDIY enthusiasts have been urged to ensure they do not fall victim to a DIY disaster this Easter.

With the long weekend approaching, esure home insurance points out that thousands of Britons will look to carry out some home improvements.

However, as the typical person owns gadgets and electrical appliances worth £5,000, the firm advises people to make sure that they stay safe when doing some DIY.

To help reduce the chances of a domestic disaster, esure advises people cover furniture and carpets with plastic sheeting, while safety eyewear should be worn before drilling.

Furthermore, esure recommends the taking out of comprehensive home and contents insurance before starting work on a DIY project.

"It can be easy to bite off more than we can chew when it comes to DIY, so remember to do your homework and make sure you're familiar with the basics before getting your hands dirty," states Mike Pickard, head of risk and underwriting for esure home insurance, in news that could interest those looking for DIY advice before starting work on a home improvement project.

Meanwhile, Jeff Howell recently pointed out in the Daily Telegraph that now is an ideal time for people to check for any signs of damage caused to their home following the winter.

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