Fitting solar vents 'simple DIY project'

Fitting Solar Vents - lets-do-diy.comThose who are keen on DIY and are looking for an effective means of reducing levels of condensation may want to consider a solar vent, the Independent suggests.

Such a device can also prove to be of particular assistance to those Britons who want to reduce the build-up of heat in enclosed spaces - such as sheds, greenhouses, caravans and conservatories - Ben Naylor, writing for the newspaper, states.

And fitting a solar vent could prove to be a fairly easy DIY project for Britons to manage, as Mr Naylor claims that they are "extremely simple to install" and do not require any additional wiring.

Those looking to integrate a vent into a room's overall interior design may be interested to hear that it can be built into metal, plastic or wood.

Last month, the publication praised dot lights, commending them for the fact they are flexible and can be attached using Velcro backing or an adhesive.

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