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    Five easy DIY jobs thanks to No More Nails

    Coat Hook - lets-do-diy.com
    Imagine an invention that takes the fuss out of DIY and makes it easier for everyone - a product that does away with drilling, plugging, nailing and screwing; that involves less tools and makes far less mess. It's called, appropriately, UniBond No More Nails.

    Already a favourite of both experienced DIYers and professional tradesmen, it's perfect for beginners too. Who needs an electric drill and all the accessories to fix a row of coat hooks or a new shelf when this instant grab adhesive will do the job much more easily? And think of the money saved by doing it yourself.

    The principle is effortlessly simple. Squeeze UniBond No More Nails from the tube onto one of the surfaces, then press into position. The special adhesive will hold firmly while allowing any adjustment to be made. Wipe away any excess with a damp cloth, then allow to set before use.

    No More Nails Ultra - lets-do-diy.com

    Anyone who has tried to drill a line of screw holes absolutely horizontally, or drive nails into a very hard surface, or even fix something in an awkward place will immediately grasp/contemplate the range of possibilities for using No More Nails instead.

    Here are five straightforward DIY jobs that are made easier by using UniBond No More Nails:

    Simple shelving

    Use No More Nails to fix wooden battens to the wall which will, when dry the next day, support the shelves.

    Invisible fixing

    Fix lightweight corner shelves into an alcove with No More Nails alone - very elegant.

    Hooks for coats and things

    Buy a complete hook rail from any DIY store then fix it in moments with UniBond No More Nails.

    Fresh new skirting

    Looking uneven or damaged? No More Nails makes replacing skirting boards remarkably effortless: no more need to bang nails into difficult plasterwork.

    Decorative architraves

    Smarten the look of windows, door arches and fireplaces with new wooden architrave, available from DIY stores. Fix quickly with UniBond No More Nails.

    For interior jobs, choose UniBond No More Nails Ultra. Outside the home, use UniBond No More Nails Ultra Exterior. If it's a temporary fix required, UniBond No More Nails Removable is the answer. All are available at good DIY stores.

    N.B. The information contained in this story is provided by the supplier and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of lets-do-diy.com.

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