Garden security 'needs improvement'

Garden Security Needs Improvement - lets-do-diy.comShropshire residents are being reminded of the need to keep their garden secure.

West Mercia Police are warning those living in Whitchurch to take steps to improve the security of their sheds after a series of burglaries in the area, the Whitchurch Herald reports.

As such detective constable Glyn Teggin advises homeowners to use defensive planting, such as prickly shrubs, to help deter would-be criminals, gardening enthusiasts may be interested to hear.

Those looking towards a DIY security project may also be interested in his recommendations that external lighting and shed locks should be fitted.

He told the publication: "Although the number of burglaries in north Shropshire is relatively low there has been a recent spate in and around Higher Heath."

Meanwhile, recently suggested that planting prickly hedges such as hawthorn can help gardening enthusiasts to reduce the risk of being a victim of crime.

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