Gardening enthusiasts 'need to make property secure'

Tools In The Garden - lets-do-diy.comMore thought needs to be lent towards garden improvements.

Such is the assertion of, which reports that although 24.2 per cent of people have been a victim of garden crime, more than a third admit that they have not spent anything on securing their green space over the past 12 months.

A further 35 per cent, meanwhile, say they have splashed out less than £100.

However, DIY enthusiasts may be interested to hear advice from the firm that the installation of security lighting can help to enhance the safety of a home, while prickly hedges and shrubs can help to deter would-be criminals.

Pointing out that many people not only invest a lot of money into their gardens but significant amounts of time and hard work, Hayley Parsons, chief executive at, states "it is important to think about making the property secure".

Last month, advised gardening enthusiasts that planting hedges such as hawthorn can be an effective deterrent against property thieves.

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