Gold award for new polyfilla from polycell

A new Polycell product has won the Gold Award in the “DIY Products” category at this year’s Industry Awards. The Polycell Polyfilla Stick is ideal for DIY novices who are inexperienced in using fillers. The new filler is easy-to-use and will fill hairline cracks and nail holes without making a mess. Furthermore, the flexible filler moves with the natural movement of walls so cracks don't reappear.

The new product resembles a glue stick rather than a conventional tube or tub of filler. To apply, simply rub the stick over hairline cracks, wipe with a damp cloth and leave to dry. No pre-mixing, no mess, no waste and no additional tools needed.

Polycell’s innovative approach to applying filler also won the Silver Award for the 'Best New Decorating Product' at this year's DIY and Garden Show in January.

James Bruce, Brand Manager Polycell UK at ICI Paints said: 'We've had an excellent response from retailers about Polyfilla Stick, which has been flying off the shelves since the day it went on sale. We're delighted to have met such a strong consumer demand for a simple and convenient filler."

For further details and to stock up ahead of demand, call Polycell on 0870 444 1111.

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