Gorilla Glue targets UK marketplace

Gorilla Glue - lets-do-diyGorilla Glue, a leading US adhesives brand with an 88 per cent market share, has been launched in the UK. Providing a range of bonding solutions for DIYers and professionals, the Gorilla Glue brand currently comprises of three products: Gorilla Glue, Precision Glue Pen and Gorilla Tape.

Gorilla Glue is a versatile, all-purpose, industrial strength adhesive that will bond almost any material including wood, stone, metal, ceramics, glass and foam. The company claims the strong formula ensures once something has been glued, it won't come undone.

Available in five bottle sizes: 60ml, 115ml, 275ml, 500ml and 1 litre, Gorilla Glue is waterproof and temperature resistant, so it can be used for projects and repairs indoors or outdoors.

The Precision Glue Pen applicator is for small projects and on-the-spot repairs requiring pin-point application and control. The strong, fast-cure formula dries white and sets in just 30 to 60 minutes.

Easy to use, the Precision Glue Pen features an anti-clog tip and flow-control designed to release precise amounts of adhesive. Available in a handy 22ml dispenser, the Precision Glue Pen will fit conveniently in a tool belt or toolbox.

Gorilla Tape is an all-purpose cloth tape combining a double thick adhesive, strong reinforced backing and rugged all-weather shell. It comes in 11m and 32m rolls and can be used for bonding to rough, uneven or porous surfaces including wood, brick, plaster, stucco and more.

For further information visit www.gorillatough.co.uk

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