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    Laminate flooring laid easy

    GMC Laminate Floor Saw - lets-do-diy.comThe first of its kind in the UK market, the GMC Laminate Flooring Saw MS018 is a genuine innovation in laminate flooring installation - making it easy to achieve the accurate cuts you need for a professional finish.

    Installing a wood or laminate floor, and getting the perfect finish you are looking for, can be tricky and exhausting. It can also require a wide range of different tools, including mitre saw to cut planks to length, and a table saw to cut them to width. Meaning not only expense, but also the inconvenience of carrying tools or planks back and forth to make all the cuts needed. That is, until now...

    GMC's innovative Laminate Flooring Saw enables you to make all the cuts you need with just one tool - saving time, money and energy.

    Easy, precise cutting

    With a commitment to innovative product development and longstanding expertise in cutting technology, GMC have been able to combine all the cutting capability of large bench top tools into this one neat and powerful unit.

    The dual sliding rail system allows the blade to glide effortlessly and accurately through the cut. The blade is guided by the adjustable centre of blade indicator on the front of the transparent guard, which enables you to monitor the exact position of the blade.

    The ripping capability of this saw is ideal for performing the straight trim cuts that ensure your boards fit perfectly in place. And you can lock the adjustable side fence in place to make light work of repetitive cuts.

    Accurate positioning

    The fully adjustable clamp and mitre gauge ensures accurate positioning of the workpiece. In addition, the tool's low centre of gravity provides a stable support surface to perform both cross and rip cuts.

    Install confidently, live comfortably

    Supplied with mitre gauge, material clamp and push stick for added safety, plus an instructional DVD, the GMC Laminate Flooring Saw provides all you need for confident installation of a brand new beautiful floor.

    Steve Roskell, Product Marketing Manager for GMC, comments: "The GMC Laminate Flooring Saw has been developed following extensive research into user requirements for a multi-functional tool that simplifies installation of this very popular flooring.

    "The GMC Laminate Flooring Saw enables cutting accuracy for users at all levels of skill and experience and meets the needs of DIYers and installation professionals alike. Furthermore, with a fine-toothed blade that leaves a clean, smooth edge, this saw is also suitable for use with other materials, such as architraves, skirting boards and similar-sized timbers."

    See the saw in action on youtube - simply search for the ‘GMC Flooring Saw'.

    Available now

    The GMC Laminate Flooring Saw MS018 is now available nationwide at an RRP of £99.99.

    N.B. The information contained in this story is provided by the supplier and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of lets-do-diy.com.

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