Home improvements 'before selling property'

Home Improvement Should Be Completed Before Selling - lets-do-diy.comAhead of placing a property on the market, homeowners should take the time to make sure all home improvement projects are completed, Shelter Offshore reports.

By doing so, prospective buyers will be able to view a property and "realise that they can move in immediately without having to outlay time, effort and more money on getting the house straight before they can settle in to life there".

Those keen on home improvements may also want to consider updating their decor by choosing neutral shades.

In doing so, a property can be presented to would-be purchasers as "a blank, clean and fresh canvas", something that can help to ensure a sale goes through quickly.

Furthermore, homeowners were advised to make sure their front doors are in good condition and that windows are clean as this can help to create a good first impression.

Indeed, giving a front door a fresh lick of paint could be especially advisable in the next few weeks, as Karen McLauchlan wrote in Middlesbrough newspaper the Evening Gazette that doing so is "an excellent job" during the summer.

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