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    10 tips for finding the right washing machine

    Buying a new washing machine is a big investment so you need to make sure you get the right one. Not only is it important to get a machine that has the capacity to wash the amount of laundry you get through, but it also needs to be energy efficient to save as much money as possible.

    Here are 10 tips for finding the right washing machine:

    • Before you even begin looking for washing machines you need to think about how often you use it and what you're going to be washing. If you live alone then you probably won't need to get a large or powerful machine while if you run a large family you will.
    • Make sure you measure the area you have available for the washing machine carefully for obvious reasons.
    • Do you need to wash many different types of fabrics? More advanced washing machines come with a range of different settings making it easy to wash delicate clothing.
    • How big is your tumble drier? There isn't much point getting a large washing machine if you have a much smaller drier so try and get ones with around the same capacity.
    • Washing machines - like most electrical equipment - tend to go wrong at regular intervals so getting a warranty that has you fully covered for an extended period of time is a must. You need to know the terms and conditions before buying.
    • If you want to get the most energy efficient type of washer then a front loading machine is usually best.
    • Top loaders used to be the most common washing machines but are declining in popularity. If you wash lots of large items then a top loader may not wash them effectively because they will "float" to the top of the drum. Both types can come as stand-alone or integrated washing machines.
    • If you want to cut down on your water usage then front loading machines are also more efficient in this respect.
    • Before you start looking set yourself a strict budget. This won't just stop you from over spending but it'll also help you to narrow down the number of washing machines available.
    • If you have a lot of clothes that need to be hand washed then look for a washing machine with a hand wash cycle.

    If you follow these ten tips then you should find it a lot easier to find the perfect washing machine for you and your family. Washing machines don't come cheap so spend some time looking at the various options before making your final decision.

    N.B. The information contained in this story is provided by the supplier and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of lets-do-diy.com.

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