Landlords 'look to eco-friendly home improvements'

Eco Friendly Home Improvements - lets-do-diy.comEco-friendly home improvements are becoming an increasing area of consideration for landlords.

In research carried out by Harris Interactive on the behalf of the Residential Landlords Association (RLA) some 58 per cent of such property professionals claim to be concerned about the energy efficiency of their property portfolio.

Meanwhile, 44 per cent state that they now take sustainability into account before opting to invest in a home.

RLA figures also showed 92 per cent of landlords have installed some form of eco-friendly home improvement, in news that could interest those keen on carrying out DIY projects themselves.

Home improvement measures taken range from loft insulation and draught-proofed doors to double glazing and low-energy lighting.

Meanwhile, Keiran Cooke wrote in the Times earlier this week that loft insulation is the most effective home improvement that people can opt for in terms of enhancing the energy efficiency of a property.

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