Lining walls 'cost-effective DIY option'

Lining walls can prove to be an effective and attractive-looking DIY project, home improvement enthusiasts have been told.

Although she states that it is not the easiest of home improvement jobs, Zena Alli, writing in an article for the Daily Mirror, points out that getting a good look "is achievable" when lining walls which have an imperfect plaster finish.

However, she claims that more than just money should be put into such a project, as care and time must also be invested.

"As with most jobs around the house, it's worth spending time and money on the preparation to get a lasting and pleasing result," Ms Alli asserts.

Those looking for cost-effective home renovation work may be interested to hear her claims that crosslining can be a much cheaper option that skimming.

Meanwhile, DIY enthusiasts may have recently been spending a significant amount of time on home renovations as the Evening Gazette's Karen McLauchlan reported that with this weekend seeing the longest day of the year, the light evenings which are currently offered can give people the perfect chance to get to grips with DIY tasks.

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