Loft insulation 'crucial in improving energy efficiency'

Loft Insulation - lets-do-diy.comAlthough the warmer months are here, now could be an ideal time for Britons to get to grips with a DIY heating project.

Writing in the Times, Keiran Cooke reminds people of the importance of installing loft insulation.

Indeed tackling such a home improvement could prevent a quarter of heat loss in the home, as he suggests it is the single largest step that homeowners can take "in the battle against climate change".

And as many DIY stores are looking to offload winter stock, Mr Cooke claims that "there's no better time to grab some rolls of insulation and head to the loft".

Britons considering such a project may also be interested to hear his DIY advice that 270mm of loft insulation will have to be fitted in order to meet building regulations.

Meanwhile, recently advised that fitting heat reflective foil to radiators can help to prevent heat loss through walls.

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