London Fire Brigade issues DIY safety advice

DIY Safety Advice - lets-do-diy.comThose looking to start a DIY project over the Easter weekend have been urged to take steps to reduce the chances of accidentally starting a fire as they work.

Pointing out there is likely to be a rise in emergency callouts, the London Fire Brigade advises DIY enthusiasts against using multi-way adapters while working with high-performance power tools, while electrical extension cables should always be fully uncoiled, as otherwise these can overheat and cause a fire.

The fire service also points out that rooms need to be sufficiently ventilated when adhesives and flammable liquids are used, while children and pets should be kept well clear from a workplace.

"Long holiday weekends often see an increase in calls to emergencies which are found to have been caused by activities associated with DIY," points out Andy Barrett, assistant commissioner for community safety at the London Fire Brigade.

Meanwhile, Carol Anne Johnson, emergency medicine consultant for St Helier Hospital, recently advised those looking to do some DIY during their time off to ensure their tools are in good condition before starting work.

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