Makita add high pressure pneumatic nailers to range

Makita is expanding its range of pneumatic nailers with five new high pressure tools and a new compressor with specifications to meet the needs of the heaviest industrial fixing operations, for both site and factory use.

  • Nailers for wood, steel and concrete
  • Operating pressure up to 28bar
  • 75mm max nail length, 7.9mm max head diameter

The new Makita AC310H quiet-running compressor can generate up to 410psi with a 2.5hp 240 volt motor and features two 8bar outlets and two 28bar outlets. With a tank capacity of 6.2 litres and a maximum airflow of 90 litres per minute, the AC310H compressor has the capacity to drive both high-pressure nailers and a low-pressure models at the same time. Weighing just 36kgs and housed in an easy-to-carry frame, this compressor is ideal for all site operations.

Makita  AN911H -

The new Makita high quality, high-pressure nailer range includes the AN510H model for timber operations with a maximum head diameter of 5.2mm, nail lengths from 27mm to 50mm, operating between 140-320psi with a magazine capacity of either 200 or 400 nails. The AN610H model takes 6.9mm head diameter nails from 32mm to 65mm for fixing into wood and concrete and up to 2.3mm of steel plate. The Makita AN620H nailer uses 45mm to 65mm, 7.9mm head diameter nails for wood and steel with a magazine capacity of up to 300 nails. The AN711H will drive 7.9mm head diameter nails up to 75mm long into wood, steel or concrete whilst the top of the range nailer, the AN911H, has similar features with an increase capacity for nails of up to 90mm.

The Makita high-pressure nailers feature a unique "peach" magazine, which opens to present the drum spindle at a convenient 450 for loading. This spindle also has a three-position quick-turn adjustment to accommodate the different length of nails chosen.

All these nailers have driving depth adjustment to allow flush, recessed or proud finish depth. The AN911H has a driving depth adjustment of 10mm and is the heaviest of the new machines at a comfortable 2.3kgs.

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