Makita launches Drop Dead Batteries recycling project

Leading power tool manufacturer Makita has launched a power tool battery recycling campaign called Drop Dead Batteries. The Makita initiative could assist the Government in meeting EU battery recovery objectives which become law in January 2009. Makita dealers and power tool retailer networks are being invited to join the campaign.

Popular TV builder Tommy Walsh has given the campaign his full support. "Recycling batteries keeps construction sites clean for the next generation, makes land safer for us all and recovers valuable material. Don't skip an old battery, drop it back at your tool dealer who will dispose of it safely."

Makita's Drop Dead Batteries campaign will remind all power tool users of their responsibility to safely dispose of failed cells by returning them to Makita dealers across the nation. Expired battery units should never be incinerated, dumped in skips or household dustbins.

The Makita service would provide dedicated drop drums at many hundreds of tool stores, where all types of failed battery cells could be collected for safe re-processing and material recycling.

By January 2009 many sectors of British industry and their consumers will have to show evidence that they have a recycling strategy in place, and are achieving the 25% target set by Brussels to reclaim and process around four million power tool batteries a year.

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