More than a third looking towards DIY

Looking Towards DIY - lets-do-diy.comA significant number of people are planning to put their hand towards DIY this bank holiday.

Research carried out by AA Insurance reveals that more than a third (38 per cent) of Brits will be looking to put the forthcoming long weekend towards getting to grips with home improvements.

And it appears women are most keen on doing DIY, with 42 per cent claiming that jobs such as decorating and gardening will fill their time, while just 29 per cent of males are looking to do this.

However, ahead of picking up a hammer, screwdriver or other tools, the insurance firm reminds consumers of the need to stay safe while doing such work, pointing out if often sees an increase in claims for domestic damage following a DIY disaster after bank holiday weekends.

"Budding DIYers should check their cover before they get that tool box out," Simon Douglas, of AA Insurance, claims.

Meanwhile, the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents recently advised DIY enthusiasts to make sure they keep their working area clear, as the majority of accidents happen when people fall, slip or trip over items.

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