Philips LED lamps mark a new era in home lighting

Eindhoven, The Netherlands - Royal Philips Electronics (NYSE: PHG, AEX: PHI) will introduce a new range of LED lamps for the consumer market in September that can be used as direct replacements for existing light sources. These LED bulbs and spot lamps can simply be inserted into standard lamp fittings, and use only a fraction of the energy required by other lamp types and last up to 25 times longer than traditional incandescent light bulbs. The range will be introduced in Europe in September.

"Our lamps will hit the market at the right time, because energy-inefficient (incandescent) lamps will be phased out throughout the EU from September 1 onwards," said a Philips Lighting representative. "By using Philips LED lamps as a direct replacement for incandescent, it is possible to reduce electricity consumption by as much as 80%."

Greater savings, typically 90%, can be achieved when replacing halogen spot lamps. While the initial investment is higher, Philips LED lamps pay for themselves in as little as 18 months, while the savings for the environment start on day one. And since these products are retrofit, it can be widespread used in the many standard fittings which are in use today. The ranges offer lamps for both general and ambient lighting purposes in a variety of appealing designs. They switch on instantly, and emit a natural light more in keeping with incandescent bulbs. In addition, LED lamps do not contain hazardous substances such as mercury.

Philips Econic LED - lets-do-diy.comEconic - practical, general lighting
The Econic range provides the practical, general lighting necessary for day-to-day activities. It includes a GU10 spot lamp with a standard two-pin connection, and a frosted bulb with a conventional shape and screw fitting. The bulb gives a light output equivalent to a 25W incandescent bulb, and the spot lamp gives illumination similar to a 35W halogen fixture. Their energy consumption, however, is only 5W and 3W respectively, which translates into minimal environmental impact and energy savings of between 80- 90%.

Philips Accent White LED - lets-do-diy.comAccent - beautiful, colorful ambiance
The Accent range offers the type of ambient lighting that gives style and atmosphere to every room in the home, and includes four different types of lamps. AccentWhite features two white, frosted-glass bulbs: one with a standard shape and conventional screw fitting, the other candle-shaped with a miniature screw fitting. Both provide 10W of glowing, warm-white radiance. AccentColor makes it possible to personalize the light in any room with colorful, decorative accents - to liven up a party, for example, or give a soft, soothing tint to a child's room. The range includes a spot lamp and a conventional, frosted bulb that are available in red, green, blue, yellow and color-changing models.

Philips Novallure LED - lets-do-diy.comNovallure - cool, sparkling design
The Novallure LED lamps were designed to be seen - their performance is matched by a cool, streamlined styling that has already gathered nominations for several design awards. The white bulbs are available in either clear or frosted glass, in ‘candle' and ‘lustre' shapes. Both have miniature screw fittings, making them perfect for chandeliers. When turned on, Novallure lamps produce 10W of light that has a unique, sparkling effect. With a power consumption of only 2W, they provide an energy saving of approximately 80% over incandescent lamps.

New world of possibilities
"These new, energy-efficient lamps offer consumers a unique way to enhance and personalize the atmosphere in the home, in a sustainable way," says Ashley Smith, Marketing Manager, Philips Consumer Lighting. "We already offer the most extensive line of LED-based lighting for indoor and outdoor use. But the launch of the Econic, Accent and Novallure ranges is another significant leap ahead in bringing the beauty and revolution of solid-state lighting into home interiors. Consumers can now simply switch bulbs for almost every luminaires they may have, and save energy from the first day onwards."

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