Now is the time 'to get home in shape for summer'

Get In Shape For Summer - lets-do-diy.comAs the summer months approach, Britons may find that now is the time to start work on various DIY projects.

Jeff Howell, writing in the Daily Telegraph, points out that with winter now at an end, "it would be a good idea to check over your home for signs of winter damage and make sure that everything is in order for the warmer weather to come".

One DIY task homeowners may particularly wish to tackle is ensuring that vegetation is kept a clear distance from a property.

Mr Howell points out that a rising of ground levels around the outside walls - whether this is due to flower beds, patios or even dead leaves - can cause damp problems.

He also advises DIY enthusiasts to be aware that windows - particularly those made from timber - that have been shut over the entire winter may now be suffering from wood rot.

Earlier this year, Mr Howell urged people to get to grips with DIY and install draught-proofing and loft insulation in a bid to make their home more energy efficient.

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