'Now is the time' to insulate loft

Loft Insulation - lets-do-diy.comNow is the perfect time for homeowners to look into insulating their loft.

In a Daily Telegraph article, Jeff Howell states that getting to grips with such a DIY project could be particularly recommended after last winter was the coldest on record for some 13 years.

And while fuel prices at an all-time high in 2008, he claims that "if you are still getting over the shock of last winter's heating bill, then you're probably not alone".

Although official government guidelines state that loft insulation should fitted to a thickness of 270mm, Mr Howell points out that doing this may not always be necessary due to the fact that a wide variety of materials can be used for such DIY work.

He states: "Different insulation materials have different properties and 270mm of one material might perform better or worse than another."

Meanwhile, BBC TV presenter Dick Strawbridge recently revealed to the Guardian one end of his loft is insulated with Thermafleece, while the other is made from recycled denim.

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