Paint colour choice 'should evoke strong emotions'

Paint Colours - lets-do-diy.comBrits looking to give their home a fresh coat of paint should first lend a little thought to what colours they will use for such a DIY project.

In his newly-released book - Colour Now - Kevin McCloud, presenter of Channel 4 show Grand Designs, states that those set to do some painting and decorating should "use colour in an informed way, exploiting its perceived value and associations to convey unspoken and unwritten ideas and emotions", the Daily Telegraph reports.

He adds that an effective colour palette is not necessarily a combination of strong and powerful shades but should be something that has its own identity, evoking a person's association with a certain time, emotion or place within their lives.

McCloud states that the best colours to place on walls over the years - which have appeared in 17th century interiors as well as modern art galleries - have remained largely consistent due to the fact they are easy on the eye and offer "real personality".

Earlier research from B&Q revealed that one in three people are now using vibrant colours and prints during painting and decorating work.

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