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    Dulux dog back after fifteen year break

    He's been away for over 15 years but a role first made famous by Shepton Dash and then Fernville Lord Digby is reprised this Saturday as the nation's favourite dog once more returns to our screens.

    We are talking, of course, of the Dulux dog who this year celebrates 50 years as the ‘soft coat' of the nation's favourite paint.

    First introduced in 1961, the Dulux dog became a permanent fixture on our TV screens for over thirty years, during which time 14 dogs have played the role. Most famous of them all was Fernville Lord Digby who reigned supreme throughout the seventies and even starred with Spike Milligan in the 1973 smash hit film, ‘Digby: The Biggest Dog in the World'.

    Today, the Dulux dog is so popular that there are several favourite dogs to keep up with demand. Spud is a seven year old Old English Sheepdog from Ashford in Kent. He's been the top Dulux dog for four years and does most of the ‘meet and greets'. Another firm favourite is Don. Based in Oldham, Don is six years old and was one of the four dogs used in shooting the new ad, most of which took place in the Peak District and Wales.

    The brand new advert, which hits our screens on 9th April, follows the dog's journey around the UK as he helps people solve their decorating dilemmas.

    Letty Edwards from Dulux comments: "Fifty years ago an Old English Sheepdog was added to one solitary ad and, at that moment, a British Icon was born. The dog is now instantly recognisable and synonymous with our brand. He represents good, honest British values; trust, loyalty, playfulness and quality, and is as well loved today as he was in 1961. Needless to say, we are extremely proud of him and so celebrating his 50th anniversary was a must."

    The first ad will premier on ITV at 9.25pm, 9th April.

    To find out more about the Dulux dogs who have inspired generations of decorators for 50 years go to dulux.co.uk/50years

    Dulux fast facts:

    • The name Dulux is a combination of the words ‘DuPont' and ‘Luxury'
    • Dulux has always been based in Slough, Berkshire and the original factory opened there in 1919
    • The first can of paint was sold in 1923
    • Manufacturing of Dulux was halted between 1939 and 1948, when the company played an important role in supplying camouflage paints and special paints for tanks and shells during WW2
    • Dulux was first sold to the building trade in 1932 but it wasn't until 1953 that it was sold to the public
    • Today Dulux is the nation's favourite paint and sells 108 million L of paint each year
    • In a cheeky nod to the decade in which the dog first appeared on the Dulux adverts, the background music is ‘Maybe Tomorrow' taken from the memorable kids' TV programme, ‘The Littlest Hobo,' which first aired in 1963.

    N.B. The information contained in this story is provided by the supplier and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of lets-do-diy.com.

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