People 'making homes greener'

Making Homes Greener - lets-do-diy.comBrits are taking steps to make their homes more environmentally friendly, reports.

Research from the price comparison site reveals that more than three-quarters (78 per cent) of UK households are more energy efficient now than they were 12 months ago.

Of such people, 36 per cent cite recent increases in the cost of gas and electricity.

Ann Robinson, director of consumer policy for, states: "Consumers are reacting to the recession and the high cost of energy by cutting back on energy usage."

The study also reveals that 43 per cent of people believe that taking the time to reduce energy usage will cost them, with 64 per cent of consumers yet to have cavity or solid wall insulation installed in the home citing the expense involved in such a project as a reason why they do not.

However, by carrying out energy efficient DIY work, homeowners may find that any initial expenditure is recouped later on through lower utility bills.

Last month, Grand Designs present Kevin McCloud claimed eco-friendly DIY will play a crucial role in reducing the nation's carbon footprint.

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