People 'prepared to invest in DIY'

Invest In DIY - lets-do-diy.comAs the property crisis continues to rumble on, Britons are increasingly investing towards home improvements, a DIY expert claims.

Claire Barrett, editor at Grand Designs Magazine, states that the current financial climate means that "people are being forced to think more creatively rather than a knee jerk reaction of: 'let's move'".

As such, more time and money is being put into an existing property, as she reveals a rise in the number of homeowners looking towards extensions and fitting new bathrooms and kitchens.

It appears that Britons are willing to spend a significant amount of money on a DIY project, as Ms Barrett claims the publication has received letters from people with budgets running into hundreds of thousands of pounds to splash out on renovating their home.

However, she states such people are looking to get some form of return from the money they put into home improvements.

Indeed, recent research by AA Personal reveals that 57 per cent of those Britons looking to improve their property have done so to create a "nicer living environment", while 32 per cent are looking to increase their home's overall value.

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