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    Simple repairs around the home equal savings

    Henkel Glue - lets-do-diy.comWhy replace something when you can mend it yourself for a few pounds? Jewellery, china, household objects, toys, shoe heels, garden furniture - all it takes is the right adhesive for the job.

    Henkel, the world's largest adhesive manufacturer, has some top tips to ensure you achieve the quickest and most effective results.

    Super small repairs

    Where there is a small surface area, such as a chipped ornament or favourite ring, Loctite superglue is almost always the answer. Apply the glue, hold it together for a minute or two while it sets and the job is done.

    Look out for new Loctite Ultra Gel - the first superglue to feature a rubber infused formula that delivers both flexibility and strength. It's suitable for pliant surfaces such as leather, rubber and plastic as well as hard materials including wood, metal and china.

    Compare the £3.59 RRP cost of a 3g tube with £7 to repair a broken heel, £12 to replace a brooch; £6 for a new mug, £10 for a replacement photo frame. Just think of the savings you can make and the sense of satisfaction you will gain having fixed it yourself.

    Incidentally, if you're worried about a few drops going astray or fingers getting stuck together, a tube of Loctite Glue Remover will solve the problem for just £3.39 RRP.

    Strong repairs

    Larger or tougher mending tasks require a tougher product. The UniBond Repair range of specialist products can be used indoors or outside.

    UniBond's powerglue, Repair Extreme, is a super-flexible adhesive that withstands shocks, impacts and vibrations and is temperature resistant - from 50 degrees below up to a scorching 120 degrees!

    Through its strength and flexibility, Repair Extreme is perfect for sticking freezer drawers, footwear, boating products and accessories as well as exterior plastic parts for cars and motorbikes. A 20g tube costs around £5.08.

    If it's sheer, instant strength you need, then look no further than UniBond Repair All Purpose Power Epoxy which creates one of the strongest bonds available from the Repair Range. Its twin syringe enables you to extrude the right amount of mixture every time without any mess. 1 and 5 minute curing times available. A 14ml tube costs around £4.78.

    UniBond and Loctite adhesives are available at most DIY stores: Loctite is also stocked at most supermarkets and stationers.

    N.B. The information contained in this story is provided by the supplier and does not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of lets-do-diy.com.

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