The Bosch IXO – when small is beautiful

Power tools are often seen as heavy and cumbersome with complex technology but, thanks to Bosch's revolutionary Lithium-Ion technology, this perception is changing. A new generation of power tools is making many DIY jobs as simple and effortless as using a mobile phone.

The benefits of lightweight Lithium-Ion technology can be seen with the compact Bosch IXO cordless screwdriver. The IXO fits into your life, not the other way round. Normal batteries go flat when left idle for long periods. The Lithium-Ion pack is less prone to this, meaning the IXO is always ready to go.

Unlike many cordless screwdrivers, the IXO does not mean a compromise on control - instead of a bulky nickel, cadmium or mercury battery, IXO uses Lithium - a lighter metal, ensuring you are totally in command.

The IXO also allows you to save time with a quick change of drill bits, allowing you to switch between jobs in seconds. The Bosch IXO cordless screwdriver is priced at £34.99 from all good DIY stores.

Lithium-Ion tools from Bosch work with ECP (Electronic Cell Protection) protecting the battery against overload, overheating and total discharge. The charging process also prevents any overcharge of the cells. These measures considerably extend the lifetime of the battery packs.

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