This Young House has had a facelift

Young House Love Logo - lets-do-diy.comThe popular home design website This Young House has had a facelift, which has led to some exciting new changes not only consisting of a changed name and URL.

Forced into a name change due to supposed similarities with a popular American magazine company, This Young House recently changed to Young House Love. The changes did not stop there however.

So what else is new?

Motivated by the situation, the creators of Young House Love have made some inspired changes and additions to the site. They have announced the inclusion of videos (which will include their recent television appearance!), a Young House Love Nursery, which shows the work they have done on a nursery for a relative. Also brought to the site is more about the history of their house, largely due to popular demand and high volumes of enquiries.

Will the usual features continue as before?

Design dilemmas and tutorials are to continue; all of which should keep the excitement and popularity ticking over for a long time to come. Especially with the news that a bathroom and basement renovation plan is in the pipeline.

Enjoy the updated website now:

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