Top cop opts for DIY

Top Cop Opts For DIY - lets-do-diy.comA top London policeman has swapped his truncheon for tools and taken his DIY skills to the next level.

Upon retiring as Islington borough commander last month, Bob Carr reveals how he has been on a plumbing course.

From here, Mr Carr - alongside a friend who used to be in charge of a marketing and advertising firm in the borough - reveals to the Islington Tribune how they have set up their own business fitting solar thermal heating systems.

Pointing out that his new role is "completely and utterly different" from his old job, the former policeman claims that "right at the moment it's all hands on deck".

Such a move comes as he reveals his concerns about declining stocks of fossil fuels and his desire to get his old police station in Tolpuddle Street to convert to solar power.

Earlier this month, mum-of-two Charmaine Warman revealed to the Daily Mail how she had enrolled on to a part-time plumbing course after believing that she could have done the job she hired a professional tradesman to do herself.

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