Totally Safe Glow Paint is Launched in the UK

Interior decorating specialists Starz Ceilings has launched a groundbreaking new glow in the dark paint. Developed in conjunction with Superstars Ceilings, Superstarz Glow in the Dark paints have undergone rigorous testing and found to be free from harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), making them 100% safe to use by both adults and children. The new paint range fully complies with EU toy safety regulations EN71 part 3 and is seen as a major step forward in paint technology.

Superstarz paint comes in four colours: blue, violet, green and aqua. Developed primarily for decorating the ceilings in children’s bedrooms, the paint is charged by daylight, UV and artificial light and has a milky white appearance during the day. But as night falls it transforms into a truly amazing out-of-this-world cosmic night sky scene. A 60ml pot of Superstarz costs just £15.99 (including postage and packing).

The company has also produced a complete DIY kit, Starz ‘Cosmos in a Can’. The kit includes step-by-step instructions as well as all the materials needed to create incredible effects such as ‘The Black Hole’, ‘The Milky Way’, ‘Shooting Stars’ and ‘Constellations’, all in a galaxy of glittering colour. The kit is available at just £49.99 (including postage and packing).

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