WW2 bunker transformed into four-bedroom home

WW2 Bunker Transformed - lets-do-diy.comA couple have revealed how their passion for DIY has enabled a former second world war bunker to be transformed into a modern home.

On the search for "anything interesting", Liz and Mike Strutton have spoken about how an estate agent in Penzance showed them the subterranean property near St Levan.

Providing views of Land's End, the couple tell the Daily Mail that they "just fell in love with the place" and quickly paid £145,000 for the development.

And although it was first built with the intention of protecting Britain from a Nazi invasion, Mr and Mrs Strutton have spent thousands of pounds on making the bunker fit for 21st century living.

The various home improvements carried on the property have included special lighting fitted into the roof to make sure it is adequately bright.

Speaking to the Times recently, Roger Hunt, co-author of The Old House Handbook: a Practical Guide to Care and Repair, claimed those looking to carry out major home improvements to an old property should carry out sufficient research on what needs to be done before work begins.

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