Water switch device 'offers savings'

Add A Water Switch Device - lets-do-diy.comAdding a water switch device could save homeowners both energy and money, it has been suggested.

Those considering a DIY plumbing project may be interested in a recent Times article which points out that Surestop Water Switch offers an effective way for people to turn off their water supply ahead of leaving their property for a substantial period of time.

With the device consisting of a valve fitted to the pipe that is connected to a switch positioned wherever a homeowner likes, the publication claims it is more convenient to use than a conventional stopcock.

Overall, the switch could save £10 in water bill expenditure every year and it could be especially beneficial for those whose plumbing is prone to leaking as the manufacturer claims turning off the water supply overnight could reduce leakage by as much as 35 per cent.

Furthermore, as the switch is powered by water pressure it does not require any electricity to run, something that could interest those keen on eco-friendly DIY.

Brits looking to tackle a DIY plumbing project may also be interested to hear that Jacuzzi UK recently launched a new range of taps, including Kanya Black which it states "is the last word in ultra cool urban chic".

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