Windows 'are crucial aspect to a home'

Britons considering which part of the home should be the focus for their next DIY project should consider giving their windows a revamp, it has been claimed.

And in doing so, Andrew Leech, director at the National Home Improvement Council (NHIC), claims that homeowners can not only make a property become more attractive "from the kerbside appearance point of view", but they can also improve its overall energy efficiency.

By installing new windows, a home's environmental credentials could be boosted - those keen on eco DIY could be interested to hear - a project that should be a particular area of focus for older people.

Indeed, the NHIC director claims that windows are a "key aspect" for any property.

As such, those looking to tackle the installation of new windows for their next DIY project may want to consider the home improvement advice recently issued by Birch Stone managing director Steve Hill.

Speaking to the Independent earlier this year, he suggested a property's overall sense of character could be boosted by replacing uPVC windows with those made from a timber frame.

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