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    10 golden rules For selling property

    With the property market in decline, homeowners looking to sell need to work harder convincing potential buyers their property will make the perfect home. Although there is no magic formula for selling property, there are a number of important rules that if followed can increase your chances of an estate agent's SOLD sign appearing outside your home.

    1. The first sight of your home any potential buyer will have is when they pull up outside. This first impression is critical for a poorly presented exterior and/or garden can ruin any chances of a sale even before the potential buyers have walked through the front door. Ensure the front garden is neat and tidy and all exterior decorating and maintenance is up together.
    2. Nothing is more off-putting to potential buyers than walking into a property and tripping over children's toys or seeing clothes piled on a chair or magazines and CD cases strewn across the floor. Remove the clutter but avoid throwing it all into the nearest cupboard, for a potential buyer is less likely to be interested in your home if they are buried under an avalanche of clutter on opening a cupboard door. This could also indicate a lack of storage space. Tidy away any household clutter.
    3. Dirty windows, stains on the carpets and a sink full of washing up are also uninviting. Thoroughly clean your home from top to bottom before each viewing.

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