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    Silverline Engraver

    Silverline Engraver Review - lets-do-diy.comThe Project:

    With security in mind I decided to use the Silverline Engraver to mark a variety of my own possessions – not only helping me get them back if stolen, but also acting as a reminder to my friends that they are still borrowing my tools six months after they promised to return them to me...

    I tried to select a variety of materials to test the engraver on, ranging from metal to glass.


    The Silverline Engraver is a fairly simple tool. The body of the tool is essentially the handle and although it is not ergonomically designed it allows for a steady grip. It is extremely light (most of the weight is due to the two AA batteries held in the handle) and is comfortable.

    The on/off button is placed at the rear end of the handle, I found this beneficial because it removed the risk of unintentionally turning the tool on or off while working. On other products the on/off button can get in the way.


    The diamond tip means the engraver can mark any surface cleanly and with relatively little effort. The spherical shape of the tip means changing direction (for example, when etching words) is very easy and there is a reduced chance of it ‘jarring’ or getting stuck.

    Additionally, with little previous experience of using an engraving tool I was able to produce straight lines on glass, metal, wood, ceramics and plastics.


    I recommend that you test your engraving skills on some scrap material before you engrave anything of value.

    After a little practice I started by marking all my power tools with my postcode and last name. The first few attempts were only barely legible, but soon I was effortlessly scoring my mark into cases, handles and tool bits. I found it easier to put the smaller tools in a vice to help get a secure grip, and afterwards I moved to the bigger items in the garage, ranging from the lawn mower to the jet wash. I got a little carried away and found myself engraving anything that wasn’t an animal or vegetable.

    The Silverline Engraver can be used for other tasks aside from security purposes. It is a very useful hobby tool that I used for filing down small ‘spurs’ in a model kit. I also used it to decorate some glass, although this was more intricate and required further practice to perfect.

    One thing that I especially liked was that the tip of the tool left very fine lines, meaning that I always felt in control. When I needed to create thicker lines I just repeated my previous efforts and built up the density.

    My only regret was that I was unable to engrave the Silverline Engraver, but very well priced at £5.57 it would be cheap to replace if it was ever stolen.


    The Silverline Engraver comes with an extra diamond engraving tip. Not that you’re going to need it at first, but if used often enough the tip may dull. Not having to purchase a new tip is very handy.

    Manual / Guide:

    There is no manual included although there’s no real need of one. Changing the battery is so easy that at first I wasn’t sure if I was doing it right. Pull the end – that’s it.


    Being operated by two AA batteries makes the Silverline Engraver very convenient. At £5.57 you can’t go wrong and because it is a Silverline product it automatically comes with a 3 year guarantee. It’s so easy to use that with little effort and a little practice you can be engraving like a pro in minutes.


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