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    Black & Decker KA161BC mouse detail sander

    Black & Decker KA161BC Mouse - lets-do-diy.com

    The Black & Decker KA161BC mouse detail sander is perfect for what is considered light DIY tasks around the home; cleaning up wood work, sanding down filler prior to painting and completing those awkward little sanding jobs.


    The Black & Decker KA161 follows the distinctive design of most modern mouse sanders. The rubber grips helps it fit perfectly in the hand with comfort and control, it is light and the tear drop shape base allows it to access tight corners.


    The point of the mouse sander gets more wear then the rest of the sandpaper; rather cleverly the tip can be replaced separately so you do not have to keep changing the entire sandpaper sheet.

    The base also rotates allowing you to extending the life of the sanding paper as it wears.


    Easy to use and set up, attaching and removing the sandpaper sheet is very simple. Sometimes with a Velcro system a sheet can fall off in use, but these stayed on.

    Depending on the job, the mouse sander gets through sandpaper sheets fairly quickly. Even though spare sheets are included, you will need to purchase more.

    This handy little sander made short work of the irritating nooks and crannies and when used on larger areas, the Black & Decker mouse coped very well.


    Included with the Black & Decker detail mouse sander is a range of coarse, medium and fine sandpapers.

    The point of the mouse sander gets more wear so you get two extra diamond shape ends with each sandpaper sheet.

    Manual / Guide:

    A basic guide is included; to be honest a manual or guide is not really required here.


    My main concern with the Black & Decker KA161 detail mouse sander is that it is not very robust and if used heavily may not be up to the task. Having said that, it is perfect for a DIYer, cheap to buy and completes the job it is designed to do with relative ease.

    Star Rating 3.5 - lets-do-diy.com


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